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Hi and Welcome to Multimedia University (MMU) Business School

With over 20 years of teaching and consulting experience to draw upon from MMU, the newly established Business School’s forte and focus will be purely on providing industry executive education for both the public and private sectors. And that forte will be, primarily focused on the digital economy and innovation. Our value proposition will be to assist to re-skill and up-skill the workforce of organisations interested in bringing their respective workforces up to speed with the rapid changes and advances surrounding the digital economy that has become the new normal in the consumer, lifestyle and business world that we all live in today.

How do organisations cope with all of this change. . . talk to us!

How do organisations cope with all of this change……talk to us! Our digital economy programmes range from strategy, leadership, managing to law and governance while our key innovation offering is on design thinking, our trainers,having been certified by the Stanford University Design School in this area. We also offer a range of behavioural competency programmes to support our flagship offerings such as entrepreneurship, supervisory skills, communication effectiveness and personal development, while we love to customise our programme offerings to meet the needs of the workforce ranging from non-executives to executives to senior execs in different types of organisations across different industries.

The future of the digital economy and the promise it holds is truly exciting…

We are excited… how about you? Cheers!!

Prof Dr Murali Raman
MMU Business School